About Us

The Helyx Initiative was founded in 2019 by Andrew Gao, who is passionate about scientific research. In addition to organizing our own events, we have donated hundreds of dollars and supplies to organizations including the Fleet Science Center, Sally Ride Science, Ocean Discovery Institute, the Salk Institute, the San Diego Natural History Museum, the GSDSEF, and the Summer Science Program.

Executive team members (left to right): Sarah Gao, Joanne Lee, Chris Jung, Sid Udata, Andrew Gao, Yash Gupta, Mason Holmes, and William Kang.

Andrew Gao: Founder and Executive Director

Sarah Gao: Director of Events

Joanne Lee: Editor in Chief

Chris Jung: Chief Administrative Officer

Sid Udata: Chief Marketing Officer

Yash Gupta: Chief Technological Officer

Mason Holmes: Chief Education Development Officer

William Kang: Chief Information Officer



With our free webinars from industry experts, courses on Udemy, hackathons, and much more, we strive to make sure that everyone has access to equal educational opportunities.

Science Communication

With over 400 educational posts, whether it be blog articles or COVID-19 information, Helyx has reached thousands of users to promote widespread access to an amplitude of information.


From our free bioinformatics hackathons to the annual International Youth Research Summit, we provide a space for you to be recognized for your development and interact with other engaged youth.


From our various fundraising efforts, we are able to support our branches worldwide in their endeavors to spread our mission with funding of materials and more, such as a recent donation of microscopes and lab supplies