The Helyx Initiative was founded in 2019 by Andrew Gao, who is passionate about scientific research. In addition to organizing our own events, we have donated hundreds of dollars and supplies to organizations including the Fleet Science Center, Sally Ride Science, Ocean Discovery Institute, the Salk Institute, the San Diego Natural History Museum, the GSDSEF, and the Summer Science Program.


Maya Poghosyan is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Helyx Initiative and is a senior from the SF Bay Area who's been a part of Helyx since her freshman year, where she founded the East Bay Chapter and led their tutoring initiative. She's interested in computer vision, neuroscience, and genomics, and was one of the Stanford Center for AI in Medicine and Imaging's high school interns. At her school, she's also passionate about bringing more girls into the CS space through leading her Girls Who Code chapter and leading tech policy as part of her school's Tech Advisory committee. Outside of STEM, she's greatly interested in politics and music too!

Tony Wang is the Editor-In-Chief of The Helyx Initiative and a senior at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, CA. He has been involved in The Helyx Initiative for four years and serves as founder and president of the Tri-Valley Chapter. He is passionate about deep learning and bioinformatics, and he has been honored as a Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Finalist. He serves as the president of his school’s National Honor Society, Speech and Debate Club, Biology Club, Physics Club, and Cybersecurity Club. Tony hopes to improve science communication and make sure research is understandable to all. 

Angelina Quan is a junior at Charlotte Country Day School in Charlotte, NC. Her interests lie mainly in math and biology and has been involved with the Helyx Initiative as Chapter President since 2021. She is a USA Junior Math Olympiad Qualifier and International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist. She won 1st place in the International Math Modeling Challenge and was the highest AMC 10 scorer in NC. She is also the President of her school’s Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society and STEM Research Club. Having skydived multiple times, she is in love with the thrill of jumping out of an airplane.

Sarah Gao is a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy in southern California. She is mainly interested in chemistry, bioinformatics, and environmental science. She also enjoys creating websites and graphic designs. Sarah has been involved with Helyx since early 2020, and was previously the Director of Events. One of Sarah’s goals is to inspire more girls to pursue STEM careers. She held a series of nine Women in Science Nights, inviting female guest speakers to talk about their experiences and research. Sarah has also organized two International Youth Research Summits, where dozens of students presented their research. Lately, she has been focusing on hosting local STEM workshops in San Diego.

William Gao is a freshman at Canyon Crest Academy in California. He is interested in math, robotics, and puzzles. William has been involved with Helyx since early 2020, distributing flyers and kits in schools, libraries, and fairs. One of his goals is to qualify for the USA Junior Math Olympiad, having already qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination. 

Keshav Saxena is a senior at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, NC. His primary concentrations are in neurobiology and computer science, helping CEO Chris Jung launch the Helyx Initiative’s “Helyx Show” available on Spotify in early 2021. He is the recipient of the “Certificate of Merit” from the USA Biology Olympiad for placing in the top 30% of open exam test takers nationally. He was awarded 1st place at the NC HOSA State Leadership Conference for his research on adolescent cognitive debilitation due to the COVID-19 pandemic using neurocomputational mechanisms. He additionally received 3rd place at the NC HOSA State Leadership Conference in the “Anatomage Tournament,” applying his knowledge of complex anatomy and physiology. However, outside of academics Keshav is an avid advocate for his community, working with organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, AIBytes 4You, and the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics to close disparities in education and funding. Keshav is enthralled by baseball, having played for his high school team, and invests free time working out and spending time with loved ones.

Chris Jung is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California, and has been the Chief Administrative Officer of the Helyx Initiative since 2019 and the CEO starting 2022. In addition to her roles in Helyx, Chris conducts her own neuropharmacology research at the UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and has served various leadership positions in school clubs and other nonprofits such as iGEM and the Carmel Valley Summer Symphony. Outside of academics, Chris enjoys reading, long walks, live music, playing the guitar and violin, and watching Kubrick movies.

Founding executive team members (left to right): Sarah Gao, Joanne Lee, Chris Jung, Sid Udata, Andrew Gao, Yash Gupta, Mason Holmes, and William Kang.

Andrew Gao: Founder and Executive Director

Sarah Gao: Director of Events

Joanne Lee: Editor in Chief

Chris Jung: Chief Administrative Officer

Sid Udata: Chief Marketing Officer

Yash Gupta: Chief Technological Officer

Mason Holmes: Chief Education Development Officer

William Kang: Chief Information Officer



With our free webinars from industry experts, courses on Udemy, hackathons, and much more, we strive to make sure that everyone has access to equal educational opportunities.

Science Communication

With over 400 educational posts, whether it be blog articles or COVID-19 information, Helyx has reached thousands of users to promote widespread access to an amplitude of information.


From our free bioinformatics hackathons to the annual International Youth Research Summit, we provide a space for you to be recognized for your development and interact with other engaged youth.


From our various fundraising efforts, we are able to support our branches worldwide in their endeavors to spread our mission with funding of materials and more, such as a recent donation of microscopes and lab supplies