Meet the volunteers who make Helyx possible.

December 2021

Angelina Quan

Angelina has demonstrated impeccable leadership and initiative as chapter president of the Charlotte chapter. Her work on creating the Helyx AMC Intro series is excellent and the team is excited to see how it will grow and help more people. Her consistency in organizing events such as hackathons, fundraisers, and constantly looking for ways to improve science communication is evident to those around her and an inspiration to all in the Helyx community.

November 2021

Vishu Agrawal

Vishu has done an incredible job in holding meetings for his amazing chapter of Helyx and has dedicated his time and effort into arranging classes and providing material for his chapter's tutors and members. Finally, Vishu has demonstrated his substantial knowledge of computer science by tutoring many students and helps them understand how the subject works. He helps his students gain a powerful interest with computer science and its many aspects. He has earned an amazing total of 40 hours for Helyx.

October 2021

Madhav Gowda

Madhav is always consistent with his tutoring and uploads and has done a huge service to his chapter and students to spread education and make math more accessible!

September 2021

Shriya Buragadda

Shriya has always been an active member of Helyx since the beginning and we are so grateful that she is part of our Helyx community.

August 2021

Tony Wang

Tony is one of the longest writers in the blog and has always submitted fascinating articles that are written in a conversational, engaging manner. He is an incredible contributor to The Helyx Initiative with his admirable dedication to STEM.

July 2021

Aidan Meyers

Aidan was invaluable to camp efforts and was constantly praised by the students for his sincerity and making the topics more interesting. He was super knowledgeable and passionate about what he was talking about and it definitely showed!

Eliana Zhang

Eliana is an invaluable member of the tutoring team. She tutors for 6+ hours per week and makes the effort to connect with the students she teaches outside of class. These efforts pay off in unexpected ways: introductions to a new concept often come with examples of how they apply to the students' hobbies and interests, which keeps them focused and interested. This environment also aids in making sure they understood what has been taught.

June 2021

Anagha Rao

Anagha has always been consistent with her uploads and always takes initiative to make sure blog readers get their recordings in! She is invaluable to running the podcast blogs and is always respectful and kind to everyone!

May 2021

Keshav Saxena

Keshav worked really hard on making a quality script for our Einstein vs. Heisenberg podcast episode and was open to edits and suggestions. He always made sure to keep in contact and take initiative in his work!

March 2021

Katelyn Mae Abille

Katelyn has been consistently logging her hours and uploading her tutoring videos, and it is clear she puts in a lot of effort into making sure her students understand the material.

February 2021

Kailee Dayett

She creates the curriculum and has done so for quite a long period of time, and she puts full effort in making them look as gorgeous as possible!

Erin Vinson

Erin is a phenomenal chapter leader and is also a proactive blog editor. She makes sure to keep her chapter running with activities, their own blog, tutoring, and on top of that actively communicates with her assigned writers and gets her edits done on a timely basis. She is also a writer on occasion, submitting articles in addition to her already busy schedule. Erin is a valuable asset to The Helyx Initiative with her consistent performance and efforts.

January 2021

Amy Hutchinson

Amy's edits are extremely thorough and she consistently impresses me with the detailed feedback she provides for her writers. She is currently a senior editor for the blog and has been working proactively since day 1, from creating a separate Discord chat to communicate with her writers to sending them separate emails with additional suggestions for their work. I'm extremely grateful to work alongside such a hard-working editor at Helyx.

Brian Zhang

He works hard to make the material perfect and engaging for our contest math students. He tries to make learning as fun as he can, and consistently checks with the students to see if they understand. If they need help, he's always there and he's created an atmosphere where the students are comfortable asking questions.

December 2020

Casey Lopez

Casey enjoys working with others to better their understanding in the subject I grew so much love for. Distance learning has also posed many new challenges to learning and peer support is critical during this time. That's why I set up the Olympian Helyx Peer Tutoring Program. Students need each other now more than ever.

Abhinav Gurram

Abhinav is very dedicated to tutoring and is able to explain tricky concepts to the students in an easy-to-understand way. He is always punctual and has his materials/powerpoints ready to go. The students also appreciate the effort that he puts into class.

November 2020

David Nashed

David has been working as one of the first editors for the blog and he's continued to show dedication and an admirable level of responsibility. He's always on top of things, making sure to complete the edits on time, and sends me prompt emails informing me of his completed work. The more recent works that he's edited are "Vaccines & Autism: A Flawed Argument," and "Carbon Nanotube Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases."

October 2020

Minnie Liang

Minnie puts in a lot of effort toward tutoring and it shows. She is always staying on top of things, and consistently updates our curriculum. She is also amazing at teaching complex topics and breaking them down to be more digestible- for example, she is teaching AM-GM inequality to the students right now. Overall, she is awesome and works really hard! She's amazing to be honest. I feel like we'd lose our students without her. Her lessons are organized with care and precision, and it's almost like a work of art. She, along with Derek (last VOM) are the only ones who update the curriculum, and are just always on top of it. She's also super responsive and communicates what we need to know, and makes my life all around easier. I feel like the students have grown so much under her 'tutorship' if you will. She puts in so much work and I hope she'll be recognized for everything.

September 2020

Derek Martinez

Derek has been a really outstanding tutor. He puts a lot of effort into making whatever lesson, and once when only one person came he made a makeup class to make sure everyone knew the content. Derek will often stay after class and talk to the students and handle their questions. And whenever we're a tutor short, he always steps up and helps us out. He's also really organized, which helps us out a lot because I don't have to scramble for recordings or put stuff on the curriculum doc. Derek is always staying on top of his duties as a tutor and goes above and beyond as well. Whenever someone can't tutor one day, even on short notice, Derek is the one that steps up. He also collects great feedback from the students and builds lessons based on that.

Meryl Liu

Meryl has been absolutely KILLING IT with posting on Instagram every other day for months now. Her posts look like she has been putting in a lot of effort to make them look perfect and keep the feed looking pristine. She has been especially good with staying on time. Plus, her posts are genuinely interesting, instead of regurgitating easy facts just to tick boxes: she seems really invested in her work and it shows, and she definitely deserved VOM.